Ryan Anthony: Bold Blue & Bright CD

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Ryan Anthony: Bold Blue & Bright CD

Ryan Anthony's latest recording project. The CD project bagan as Ryan Anthony's tribute to the late French trumpeter Maurice Andre (1933-2012), who died in France just a few months before this recording was made. "Over a period of eight months, the project morphed into a combination of 17th- and 18th- century music associated with Andre, plus several new pieces, as counterparts to the older works, many of them in a neo-baroque style," Anthony said.



 Giuseppe Torelli

 Sinfonia in C Major, No. 4, G. 33, arr. R. Anthony

1. I. Allegro (3:33)  2. II. Adagio (:30)  3. III. Presto (3:20)

James M. Stephenson

4. Bagatelle, for Piccolo Trumpet and Organ (1:39)

Ennio Morricone

5. Gabriel's Oboe (from The Mission) (3:29)

James M. Stephenson

Bold, Blue and Bright

for Solo Trumpet, Six Ensemble Trumpets and Timpani

6. I. Bold (1:38)  7. II. Blue (2:31)  8. III. Bright (2:25)

Allan Gilliland

9. Waltz for DZ for Trumpet and String Quartet (4:59)


Concerto for Piccolo Trumpet, Strings and Harpsichord

10. I. Albinology (4:23)  11. II. Go Deeply Now Everlasting (4:23)

12. III. with perpetual motion (2:43)

Henry Purcell

13. The Queen's Dolour (2:45)

Johann Ernst Altenburg

Concerto for Seven Piccolo Trumpets and Timpani

14. I. Allegro (2:05)  15. II. Andante (1:22)  16. III. Vivace (1:37)

Gottfried Heinrich Stolzel

Concerto in D major for oboe

17. I. Allegro (3:17)  18. II. Andante (1:22)  16. III. Vivace (1:37)

Alan Hovhaness

20. Prayer of Saint Gregory (6:57)