Robert Tucci RT-36 Tuba Mouthpiece

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Robert Tucci RT-36 Tuba Mouthpiece

Formerly named Perantucci mouthpieces, this Robert Tucci mouthpiece is a very popular size. Model RT-36 is ideal for large-bore instruments where fast response is desired. This mouthpiece produces the depth and volume of sound required by today's symphony orchestras. The relatively narrow rim provides remarkable flexibility for a mouthpiece of this size. This is a very popular mouthpiece. 

Only the highest quality copper-based alloys and silver are good enough for Perantucci mouthpieces. Care in engineering and fully polished cups assure superb resonance, perfect response and finest tone quality.


Cup Diameter : 33 mm diameter. Moderate depth and funnel shaped.

Rim : Width 7.5 mm. Medium sharp inner, rounded outer edge.

Bore : 8.3 mm

Resistance: Moderate


Any of our mouthpieces can be returned up to 30 days from the purchase date. To receive a full refund, the mouthpiece must be returned without scratches, dents or dings otherwise only a partial return will be given. We recommend you put scotch tape around the shank to prevent scratches if you are unsure if you will be keeping the mouthpiece.