Robert Tucci AMH "Paul" F Tuba Mouthpiece

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Robert Tucci AMH "Paul" F Tuba Mouthpiece

This is a new tuba mouthpiece designed for F tubas by Robert Tucci and Andreas Martin Hofmeier.  Mr Hofmeier is one of the finest and most diverse artists of our times. He is Professor of Tuba at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, founding member of La Brass Banda, an Echo Classics Prize winner and Cabaret artist. Together with Andreas Martin Hofmeir we present a new tuba mouthpiece, Model AMH, nicknamed "Paul“.  This is the tonal revolution for F-Tuba, the mouthpiece for soloists, ensemble and orchestral performers! With this mouthpiece, ambitious tubists can produce a great sound over an extended range, benefit from fast response, great flexibility and excellent intonation.
The AMH mouthpiece, the the third dimension for F tubas, also works well on Eb, CC and BBb tubas.

  • Cup 32.0 mm
  • Bore 8.85 mm
  • Rim 7.3 mm