Quick Horn Rinse Cleaning System

Through much experimentation, ESW has developed the Quick Horn Rinse, (QHR). The QHR can be used by the beginner and the professional. It is a device for easily flushing water through your horn, (a horn flush). Most debris enters the horn through the lead pipe. Therefore, that is the most important part of the horn to keep clean. With soapy water, a snake and the QHR, you can easily flush debris from your horn and have a clean horn ready for playing in as little as twenty (20) minutes.

Different models of the QHR attach to either your bathtub faucet, or a standard garden hose or utility hose.

SB model QHR will clean a french horn, clean a cornet, clean a fluglehorn, clean a trumpet, and clean an alto horn.

LB model QHR will clean a trombone, clean a baritone, clean a euphonium, and clean a tuba.

NOTE: The QHR nozzle is manufactured in the USA. The QHR is assembled in the USA.