Patrick Sheridan Presents: Performance Studies for Tuba w/CD

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Patrick Sheridan Presents: Performance Studies for Tuba w/CD
For many years, tuba players have been offered a limited selection of etude books to work on sound and technique. Even though the previous books offer an excellent source for developing these musical elements in various keys and intervals, many of them lack quality musical content over a range of styles. This book provides the advanced tuba player with music in a variety of styles written specifically for the tuba by modern composers.
Song List:
  • Allegria Jan Van der Roost
  • Alte Zauberkiste Doss
  • Badinerie - Hommage to J.S. Bach Swerts
  • Bagatelle Moren
  • Capricious Schoonenbeek
  • Divertimento Moren
  • El Patricko del Cigarro - La Serenata Habanera Ellerby
  • El Patricko Latino - La Danza Cubana Ellerby
  • Fast and Rhythmic Vizzutti
  • Gateway Client Vizzutti
  • La Foca Skud Ferran
  • Return Journey Sparke
  • Saudade Jan Van der Roost
  • Three Miniatures Moren
  • Tuba Rag Swerts
  • Two Sides of the Same Coin Sparke
  • You Can Count on It! Schoonenbee